Studio Legale Bollici

Studio Legale Bollici - Pesaro

"If there weren't
bad people,
there wouldn't be
any good lawyers."

"If you don't plan
the law of the jungle

"The best things in life
are immoral, illegal
or make you fat."


The legal practice Studio Legale Bollici provides wide-ranging legal advice for business and company law, international law, bankruptcy law and insolvency proceedings, contract law, technology law, property law, the drafting of agreements, assistance in arbitration proceedings as counsel and arbitrator, out-of-court advice and advice for litigation in general.
These services are provided through the specialisations of each professional working for the Studio Legale Bollici, in their own sector, to guarantee a tailor-made service for clients.

The Studio Legale Bollici team comprises twelve professionals working at the Pesaro, Rimini and Riccione offices, in addition to another team of outsourced professionals that cover EU nations, such as Spain, England, Germany, France and Portugal as well as non-EU nations such as Russia, the United States, South America, Asia and the Arab Emirates. Fluent in English, French and German, the owner of the practice, the lawyer Gianluca Bollici, and his team work with these outsourced professionals on a daily basis, drafting numerous agreements, dealing with litigation and company transactions, to create an efficient international network of lawyers coordinated by the owner.

In Italy, the location of the practice in two different regions is intentional - to facilitate operations at the Court of Rimini and at the Court of Pesaro, while the practice is represented in Rome through a professional association founded from the practice and another legal practice, and in Milan through a close partnership with an existing legal practice. As for the rest of Italy, the Studio Legale Bollici works closely with other legal practices to guarantee total coverage throughout the country - with proven professional expertise.

Lastly, matters concerning criminal, business and administrative law may be handled, on request of clients, in connection with the geographic areas indicated, through partnering with professional experts, to provide a fully comprehensive, efficient service which also covers parallel matters. Clients of the Studio Legale Bollici include Cooperatives, Associations, Companies listed on the Stock Exchange, Consortiums, Banks and national and international PLCs.


P.le Matteotti, 28

Viale Ceccarini, 200

Via G. Avezzana, 1

Piazza 5 Giornate, 10